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What I Teach

I customize the mix-and-match services of:
Decoding & Encoding (Orton-Gillingham), Fluency, Reading Comprehension & Writing support to meet your child's specific learning needs.

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Decoding (Orton-Gillingham Phonics Instruction)

As a certified instructor, I teach traditional Orton-Gillingham lessons. The first session would begin with an informal assessment so lessons can be tailored to your child’s exact needs. Subsequent lessons would follow the sequential, explicit, multi-sensory structure that OG instruction is known for: introducing a new skill, sound review, reading words, phrases, sentences, spelling sounds, words, and sentences, and applying the skills while reading a passage.

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I'm here to make the learning process easier for your child and family.

You can call, email, or use this form to set up your free consultation to discuss your child's needs and how my services can help.

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Sara Wishner Williams, M.Ed., CAGS, CAGS, A/OGA

Fortitude Learning Center, Inc.
Hingham, MA 02043


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